Adult Classes

All on-camera classes are captured digitally, directly from the camera.

Please provide standard SD CARD ONLY so you can receive your footage.
A 12GB or larger card is recommend to receive your footage, but 8GB and up will work as well.

Please make sure the card has enough space when you come to class, cards may have to be wiped to receive your footage! No cards will be provided by McIlroy & Associates.

Master Classes

Master Camera

With Andrew McIlroy


This class is an intensive camera and process class with focus on a limited selection of challenging feature length scripts. Actors will deeply explore character /text and scenes both off and on camera. This is not an audition class.

This class is for returning students of Andrew Mcilroy, interested qualified applicants or by invitation.


Mondays | Sep 16 - Nov 18 - FULL
Thursdays | Sep 19 - Nov 14 - FULL
Sundays | Sep 22 - Nov 24 - FULL

Master Scene

With Andrew McIlroy


Actors will focus as an ensemble on selected plays. Character/physical impulse/improvisation/text analysis. We will be working on intention, substantiation and making potent scenes in a minimalist setting with additional monologue tutorials on selected Wednesday nights.

This class is for returning students of Andrew Mcilroy, interested qualified applicants or by invitation.

Coming Jan 2020

Pro Classes

Pro Camera

With James Kot


A deeper examination of the pillars of acting with in-Lab exploration of: text analysis, scene study, character development, back story, and emotional truth. Scripts from Television, Feature Films, and Theatre texts will further focus and develop the craft of the actor. Actors will continue to develop proficiency and technical prowess for Film & Television auditions and authentic live performance.

Tues | Sep 17 - Nov 5

Pro Camera & Scene Study

With James Kot


This ten class course is an exciting feature designed for creative and curious actors.  The unique combination of exploring performance calibrated for both the camera and stage in tandem, produce practical strategies for auditions with a time-crunch, but also in energizing long form in-depth character work in an extended time period. 

Wednesdays | Sep 11- Nov 13

Pro Casting

With April Telek


Pro-Casting is highly energized class that focuses on "HOW VANCOUVER CASTS". Weekly challenges that address the multiplicity of tone and genre requests of the Vancouver rooms, from historicals to hallmark and beyond. Taught by award winning actor/coach and associate casting director APRIL TELEK. This is an intense on-camera workout for the actor who is looking for education and development and critique in a supportive ensemble environment from one of the best trained eyes in the country. New students will feel re-invigorated and newly creative and returning students will be additionally challenged.

Wednesdays | Sep 4 - Oct 9

Pro Close Up

With Bart Anderson


This intimate and interactive study is individually crafted by the actor, driving them towards a transparent and transformative camera presence. Texts are chosen by Bart in consultation with the actor. Classes address each individual’s specific needs as divined by their personal goal contract, while at the same time maintaining a lively and interactive ensemble environment.
Employing strategies forged over 25 years in the classroom, Bart creates a curriculum particularly mindful of the actors specified goals, addressing the central quest to transcend craft.

Thursdays | Sep 26 - Oct 17

Pro Voice

With Adam Henderson


North South East West

The actor will learn to change nationality, class, age, race, size, status, period, gender, and even species. This method provides a practical, physical, unselfconscious approach to acting with an accent and other voice transformations. Accents are an actor’s superpower.

Sundays | Sep 15 - Oct 6

Pro Skills Lab

With Starlise Waschuk & Andrew McIlroy


Performance Lab

Skills Lab is an 8-week program where you will explore your breath, body, voice, and relationship to yourself. This work aims to unlock true behavior, presence, and instinct that, as actors, you are then able to communicate more truthful storytelling. 6 classes will be spent working with Starlise in a deconstructing playful way while working with text, and 2 master process classes led by Andrew McIlroy.

Sundays | Sep 15 - Nov 10


Open Level Classes & Intensives

Pro Requisite

With Andrew McIlroy


An ongoing class for actors of all levels who are new to McIlroy & Associates.
This course is a pre-requisite to actors that we don't know, who are interested in the PRO-CAMERA and MASTER LEVEL CLASSES.
This class is designed around our core philosophy - a four question methodology that we feel offers actors a preparation, investigation and analysis strategy to further dive into the text - to "hear" the requests of the text and to make the words on the page --- walk to the mark.

Fridays | Sep 20 - Oct 11 - FULL
Fridays | Nov 1 - Nov 22

The Madness

With Andrew McIlroy


The Madness Weekend Intensive integrates camera and character, body, and imagination.
Our hope is to build stamina and resourcefulness and to make your preparation a more hospitable event.
Actors will move through a series of assignments designed to individuate and give confidence to your particular creative voice.
This challenging weekend is designed for actors who have a demonstrated interest in pursuing the craft of naturalism for film and television.

Next Session TBA