The Ring Screenwriting Courses


Get that terrific script idea out of your head and on to the page!


The Ring I

Sundays |
Sep 15 - Oct 27


Step into the Ring and get it done! The Ring 6-Week Workshop is an intensive, interactive workshop designed for writers to fully develop their feature or TV series ideas into workable screenplays or TV pilots. Through individual coaching, writers learn to create a compelling log line, develop interesting characters and map out a dramatically sound storyline. The workshop also explores the elements of dialogue, subtext and scene structure using examples from successful contemporary films and TV series. While learning the essential elements of effective screenwriting, writers will also apply them to their own work in progress. As a finale to the Ring process, professional actors will perform key scenes from each writer’s work in a session directed by Andrew Mcilroy.

The Ring II

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This exciting, new, six-week workshop is designed for writers who have completed Ring I, and for writers with existing drafts who wish to develop their projects further.

Ring II offers the opportunity for writers to build the skills and confidence necessary to envision and complete a finished screenplay, play TV pilot or web series on their own, using the proven tools and techniques of The Ring paradigm.

The Ring: Weekend Intensive

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The Ring is an interactive intensive, designed especially for actors and writers who want to get it done. Brainstorm your idea and create a compelling log line. Knockout a story synopsis and spar with your major characters.
In the final round, write a pivotal scene and see it performed by professional actors live and on camera. In The Ring, you’ll get to train with innovative coaching techniques that help you build an engaging storyline, develop authentic characters and generate dynamic scenes. If you’re ready to put on the gloves, register now for this epic weekend bout.